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Oct 20, 2020

Dani Merritt's creativity always helped deliver respite in a challenging world. Growing up in a tough environment around Cleveland, Ohio, Elusion Clothing Brand's founder stumbled a little before she started printing thousands of pieces of clothing and creating a brand that melds with professional athletes and hype beasts worldwide. 

The thing is, Elusion isn't another fly-by-night brand that's built on the back of social media. It's been around since the days of myspace and it's hard to imagine some of the challenges that Dani alludes to in this show. When she dove into creating comics decades ago, she never thought that her artwork would lead to build the type of conscious community that she supports today. 

conventioNOT's listeners and drama fans will find a couple cool stories about working with NFL players, challenges with investment commitments and some of the inequities that Merritt and her husband face on a daily basis while running the company. This hour-long gem is a very special episode. Join Mike & Scrilla with Dani Merritt - available wherever you listen to podcasts or by clicking on