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Oct 27, 2020

At the heart of conventioNOT Podcast's focus is a love for greatness. Time and again our listeners hear from guests who blaze new trails in industry, break gender barriers or just flat out create something that hadn't existed before. 

The Underwear Episode puts over 150 years of experienced contributors (and their nether regions) together to discuss various brands they've been testing. True, there are plenty of jokes and awkward pauses in this one, but we really are applying a serious tone to upping one's game down below. 

Certainly, Tommy John, SAXX, LuLu Lemon or Seperatec had nothing to do with us creating this one and our consistent fans should expect some really specific descriptions of at least one of these contenders. The guys even get into the costs and preferences of materials. 

You'll have to turn in to hear which pair(s) that the guys ultimately recommend and we thing think it's really worth tuning in til the end. Also featuring our returning guest, Dan Sinnott.