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Dec 23, 2020

Will announces himself as a cofounder of Corridor Sausage. The thing is, listeners will find depth in discussion very quickly that plunges through choices, successes, disasters and a company to company merger. 

Mike and McD aren't strangers to Will - they all started their adult lives in East Lansing at Michigan State University. After a couple decades without catching up, the experienced Chef breaks down his growth as a person, business owner and creator. If you're in the midwest, you can find his sausages in a bunch of stores. If you're considering a trip here, he even gives a few hints on where you might find some of the best food in Detroit. 

We couldn't think of a better guest to finish off the 2020 conventioNOT season with. All of the people that make the podcast work are grateful for our listeners and contributors. We try to keep the show popping and we hope you'll take a minute to subscribe and rate and share the show.  Hit our quick launch link by clicking on