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Jan 27, 2021

Co-hosts Mike and McD get back to basics with our first episode of the year. The guys don't usually get into politics, but they do share the happenings in their lives and the things we want to accomplish in 2021. 

They're thankful for 2020's wins and curious about quarantine challenges state by state and dive into a couple goals - including Ryan's lates bourbon trip and new mastermind group. Most people are streaming more TV now... and listeners get a treat to hear about what we're watching and why. A couple predictions from McD later, it seems like we've got 2021 all figured out - with just 11 months to go!

This might be an episode for seasoned listeners - or a chance to get to know our cohosts as they enter the third year of the show. you can find us anywhere - or quick launch your own favorite app by clicking on