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Mar 2, 2021

Brett M Cooper's early career in global businesses is nothing to shake a stick at. He focused on process, lean organizations and the actions it takes to be highly profitable. Through his time, he noticed that something was often overlooked: the social skills required by leaders to motivate people. 

Fair warning, McD and Brett start to really nerd out on their commonalities before Mike interrupts and brings the two back from outer space - and some kind of deep space nine discussion. Thankfully, this makes space for Brett to talk about his passions as a dad, an author and the person who is responsible for thousands of professionals who have worked with his business, Integris Performance Advisors.

conventioNOT listeners don't need to be part of a big company with deep pockets to take advantage of Cooper's teachings. After listening to the show, you'll find that he gives a FREE offer to get an e-book or audio book copy of his new book, Solving the People Problem: Essential Skills you Need to Lead and Succeed in Today's Workplace

The book, co-authored with his business partner, Evans Kerrigan, is chock full of real advice from experienced people. Mike and McD learn pretty quick that Brett's patience, candor and demeanor are all part of his superpowers. 

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