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Mar 9, 2021

Jay Shuang is one of the most humble social media influencers  you will meet. @shanghaisole is his handle on Instagram and if you think this guy is just another sneaker head, think again. A fifth-grade teacher and stellar guy, Jay uses his network and late-budding shoe addiction started as an obsession during undergrad to connect and inspire with his students and the world. 

McD is again enthralled with the depth of this guy's knowledge and Mike takes a couple swipes at the hobby of stacking sneaker boxes. Neither of them are phased and Jay goes on to explain how and why he does what he does. 

The international school that Jay teaches and coaches at comes up - and we learn a bit about where Mike's roots came from as well as the background on these types of learning institutions. Even thought he might have been the youngest teacher when he got hired, Jay has brought his influence and love for all things shoe to his people. It's truly an amazing tale. 

To Jay, it's all about relationships. To our listeners, you'll have to tune in to hear these awesome stories and details about Jay becoming who he is. 

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