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Dec 16, 2021

Flint Mitchell is a unique guest who is busy stacking perspective. He’s an engineer, scientist, surfer, podcaster… and now author. What’s really cool about this guy is that he’s humble about the way opportunities arrive in his world. Listeners will find that this guy’s world started in a place that most of us are familiar with, but don’t really understand: the San Fransisco Peninsula, AKA Silicon Valley. 

He shares a bit about the very real perspective that growing up in the Valley can create. Just like the factories of Detroit, it’s not all roses. Mike and McD are somehow surprised by this, leading to insights and a marvelous self investigation from Mitchel. It’s easy to see that this guy is more interested in improving the world than anything else - even if he does like the Giants more than the Oakland A’s. 

Recently,  Flint published his first book, Seeking Authenticity. Much of this episode talks about his journey and excitement to release his thoughts and expand his world. The guys go all over the globe of subjects with this interview and we think our listeners will dig it. 

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