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Apr 13, 2022

Dana Frost wakes up every day feeling life’s full effect. As a young person, she lost her spouse, Brad to cancer, fought her own battle with the disease and faced the realities that most people don’t see until much later in life. Thankfully, this cheerful guest found time to sit with Mike and McD on this host-favorite episode.

The thing about Dana is that she’s channelled the tragedy and has learned to be vulnerable in ways that we thing most listeners should pay attention to. Her husband left her 100 days after he was diagnosed and her inspiration afterward is unbelievable. Frost started the Forced Joy Project as a way to help herself… and others find happiness after loss. 

She never thought she was cut out for grief and this hour with Dana doesn’t just focus on the sad things - the guys are able to hear about her new and exciting endeavors, throw around coping strategies and more. 

We’re really proud to have met her and experienced her attitude, smile and shining light. You'll have to push play to find out more. 

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