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Jun 22, 2020

J Cornelius' consulting career started at age 15, when he agreed to take $200 an hour to run sound and lighting in Texas. J shares life beyond sleeping in a tire swing as a teenager and building successful relationship with friends, clients and the world. 

Though his earlier career was mired in necessity, J started building digital products since 1996, including one of the early platforms that had over a million users. Fast forward almost 25 years, Cornelius now runs Nine Labs, a digital product strategy, design, and experience consultancy operating in Atlanta and New York City.

J raps with Mike and McD about coming up in a new industry, learning to take compliments and shares his insights about our flailing social media and information sharing habits. This episode of conventioNOT is a special one. 

To be clear, J is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits after starting that first business back in high school. One of the most interesting parts is hearing his smoothness of moving from organization to organization, creating steadfast relationships along the way. You can find conventioNOT podcast on nearly any platform. Be sure to subscribe!