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May 17, 2020

Cleveland's Deputy Medical Examiner, Todd Barr joins conventioNOT in one of our most exciting episodes yet. Mike and McD get a chance to hear his wild story, ask some really deep questions and even hear some of the really gritty details about the macabre truths in his current job. 

His biography is not shy of shocking stories and his activist passion is really showcased on the show while recounting some of the monumental events that led him to his home near Lake Erie. It's such a unique story, with clear stops along the way with Dr Barr explaining the importance of forensic science and even making an open offer to help mentor students who want to learn more. 

Our regular listeners know that most of our guests have wild stories. We've heard tales of shark bite, celebrity shockers Dr Barr is our first plane crash survivor... and then there was the time that he was on Phil Donahue and that other time when... you'll need to download to find out.