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Mar 10, 2020

Sometime in the mid nineties, Chris Harris unwrapped a Numark DJ in a box system in Cleveland. Neither he or his family knew that the  gift would start training him for the rest of his creative career. Fast forward past an undergrad at Kent State University, almost a decade at the Cuyahoga County County Coroners office (aka the morgue) and hundreds of songs... it's unlikely that you haven't heard his music. 

That's right - of all the stars, spitting lyrics and spending overnights in the studio... Harris' rhymes are so frequently played, he has friends from decades ago calling him up to see what's going on. Mike and McD have featured some cool guests on conventioNOT Podcast... but DJ Scrilla / Hill Harris... or just Chris, like his friends call him lays out a story for the ages - regarding a professional career as a content creator and accomplishing production a long way away from beginner equipment and dubbed mix tapes.