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Apr 13, 2020

The aviation business isn't a simple one. It's loaded with all kinds of requirements - and the pilots like Joe Guardiola are the people who organize each of those missions that we take for granted when jumping on a plane to zip across timezones. This episode dives into some of the stories, nutty clients and risks that a private jet pilot's life encounters. 

Most of us haven't landed on a strip in Central America - but nearly all of us can identify with Guardiola's sense of passion and desire to seek adventure. Shortly after recording this and the end of his vacation, Joe continues to fly humanitarian missions around the world to help with the covid-19 pandemic. 

conventioNOT listeners won't find a more exciting career story... we've got plenty of those in our catalog to sift through - but the way that this Denver Pilot opens up about the details inside the private jet industry sheds a different light about what goes on during those flights.