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Jun 25, 2019

Almost all of us have thought about quitting our job at one point in time or another. Lawrence La Pianta of Cherry Street Barbecue in Toronto not only left his day job in film production - but he is successfully chasing his dream every day he steps into one of his three restaurants. Join us for Episode 2 of Season 2 to hear about his view of positivity and happiness.

Thankfully, Lawrence had time when Mike stepped into the original Cherry Street location and sat down with the well-decorated Canadian Pitmaster. We learned about smuggling barbecue in the 90's, when he fell in love with some of the best cooked meat in Memphis. conventioNOT also dives into doing jobs that you hate and just how important kitchen staff is at every restaurant you visit. 

Mike and McD knew that Lawrence was inspired by mentors - but we didn't know just how many cookbooks he collects from their authors, including: whole Hog cooker, Sam Jones  and Diva Q . Our guest doesn't reveal all of his secrets, but he does talk about his love for the home Traeger grill as well as give tips on which Masterclass that our listeners should check out. 

Did you know about our YouTube channel? We're starting to post a few videos here and there from special guests... make sure you check in to see what all of these folks really look like.