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Dec 23, 2020

Will announces himself as a cofounder of Corridor Sausage. The thing is, listeners will find depth in discussion very quickly that plunges through choices, successes, disasters and a company to company merger. 

Mike and McD aren't strangers to Will - they all started their adult lives in East Lansing at Michigan State...

Dec 17, 2020

Javid Jah's early infatuation with lettering and his culture isn't necessarily a rare thing about this lifelong creator. conventioNOT listeners will be pleasantly surprised in the honesty and transparency about how he took the angles he has in his career. 

Almost every creative has depth behind their work....

Dec 9, 2020

Matthew Yahes from Extend Your Team has stacked years of self-starting experience into his resume. After beginning his career with one of the Big 5 Consulting firms - he quickly realized that his power in starting from scratch was real.

So much so, that when he entered his first startup, he was able to be the center of...