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May 11, 2021

Dave Regan has been able to experience more than one life in his years. Growing up in the times and neighborhoods that built the America we walk in today, Dave’s journey includes nights on horseback, saddling up a chopper and logging trip after trip. 

The thing is - he was doing these things while spending his days building the ads that spread Detroit's auto industry across the country. After living a full life as an adman, he turned his trail toward becoming an educator, helping to lead the industry into the next frontier. Today he spends his hours teaching advertising students at Michigan State University, where he's been for nearly 20 years.

Guess what? He touches on all these things in the episode - and we've left a couple things out in this written synopsis. You'll have to listen to hear the full story. Listeners who stick around til the end won't be disappointed.

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