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May 20, 2021

Johnny Gillespie is a true revolutionary. To state it simply, he has developed a system to teach people how to move more efficiently and safely. He also has has a decorated educational career and even runs and Yoga Certification Program at his facility, Empowered Wellness Studio in Wilmington Delaware.

The thing is... he doesn't fit the mold. And he's proud of it. Mike and McD are eager to get their questions out about how and why he's followed the path that he has. It's easy to see how Johnny inspires people - and he's kind enough to talk about the journey. 

The episode is about more than just yoga and Johnny gets deep about his desires, his drives and the types of humility that he teaches. A hardcore Philadelphia original, his love for all things Philly keeps him grounded and he shares about the battle to stay that way - even while suiting up and heading out on the ice week after week. 

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