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Jul 22, 2021

Graham Meriwether started his career as a filmaker in an interesting way, chasing bodies around the streets of Detroit. Even though the young documentatian hadn't found his calling, he knew that he was inspired enough to create content that mattered.  By the time he turned his focus to his bigger films like American Meat and Farmers For America, he'd filmed countless dead bodies and foraged the Detroit Police Department's Delta Zones and produced content for The Julliard School of Dance.  American Meat eventually became his first theatrical release and It contrasts industrial feedlots with Joel Salatin's Polyface Farms, a model where rotational grazing and local distribution give hope that a different, more humane and environmentally conscious way to farm may indeed save the day…and our future.

In 2010, Meriwether founded the non-profit organization, Leave It Better Foundation, whose mission is to empower youth to make the Earth a better place. They have helped build 10 gardens in New York City schools, and taught over 2,000 students compost, plant and harvest through their own community garden in the Bronx. They even distribute cameras to schools so students can document their journeys.

It's an incredible story that Meriwether tells - and it's pretty inspirational. If you are new to conventioNOT or our guests, be sure to listen to the end to hear about his upcoming work and a few other exciting interviews featuring Mike and McD. conventioNOT is available wherever podcasts are. Subscribe today.