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Oct 5, 2021

Lacey Trost is clearly one of our favorite guests in recent history. Her story and humility are one of a kind as far as conventioNOT guests go. After growing up in Florida, she and her wife undertook one of the biggest goals of many youngsters in America: moving away from home. 

The thing is, Trost was just getting started down her list of personal goals  then and she hasn’t looked back since. She opens up with Mike and McD about the struggles of Imposter Syndrome and her drive to succeed. Unlike many of our guests - she isn’t dedicated with her title or her salary. She’s focused on doing the right thing and helping others around her. 

And she’s serious about it. 

Lately, she’s turned her focus to fertility and some of the policies that trouble same-sex couples who are trying to have a baby. There are plenty of people in the world who react to atrocities like those she’s discovered… but Lacey isn’t wired that way. She decided to act. 

This episode isn’t all serious sperm speculation though… our listeners will love Lacey’s kind heart and hear some really funny stories about Beer Pong tournaments and the growing up in Florida. If you haven’t subscribed to conventioNOT or found your way to us through Lacey’s camp, you can quick-launch your favorite podcast app at