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Feb 6, 2022

Just like that, conventioNOT is nearing 100 hours of content. Funny to think that through all those interviews, teary stories and podcast bliss - Mike & McD have never recorded in the same room. After almost a decade of residence in Hawaii, Ryan finally made it out to share some sun and surf in the Aloha state. 


We spent the week consuming all that Oahu has to offer, from Honolulu's Kith Store to Kona beans and somehow Mike convinced Ryan to be on the hot seat and relive his best moments on the island. After poking some fun, we get deep on linking culture, satire and cynicism. Ryan’s low-lites and critique gets hilarious quick, picking apart island tourists and agriculture. 


McD's bourgeois outfits and style gets a little poke and Mike informs Ryan that he actually threw him in the surfing deep end when the couples took their vacation to the beach. Longtime listeners get more about the same but different personalities of our hosts, up to owning basically the same truck. 

Don’t worry - this isn’t just an episode about a dope vacation to make you jealous. There are some valid travel tips for Hawaii if you’re considering a visit. We cover inner-island travel, volcanoes and many of the coolest things you can see there. We threw some extra pics of the vacation up on the instagram channel if you want to explore further. Don’t forget to look us up and follow @conventioNOT_Podcast everywhere.