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Sep 14, 2020

Jason Goggans' fitness career is deep. Really deep. He's been in the game for over 20 years, owned several gyms and transitioned to the online marketplace. The thing is, his career and weight-loss business seeks a really cool client: somebody who already heads to the gym. It's not because Jason likes the easy route.

In fact, his career has been anything but easy. After re-routing his career goals from Federal Law Enforcement, Goggans hasn't abandoned his love for civil servants charged with protecting America - he has charged toward them.

How does a former officer help his former colleagues? To him, it seems simple: approach fitness with tenacity and knowledge. 

Regular conventioNOT Podcast listeners won't be surprised to hear some of the topics sway away from Jason's day job - and into his former life. You'll have to listen to the episode to hear why Goggans said that recording with us is one of his favorite interviews ever. 

This episode is gets back to the roots of the show and it's probably not surprising to hear that McD and Goggans have some conflicting opinons.  Click on to hear more validated experts like Wendi and find out a thing or two about how they stay happy AND successful. Available on all podcast channels.