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Feb 24, 2020

Jennifer Leon’s powerful voice has travelled around the halls of every company she’s ever worked for. She’s built her software career from the ground up, helping to build company after company in post-acute healthcare. If conventioNOT were a show about careers and aptitude - Leon would be a star guest.

But it’s not. conventioNOT is about achieving happiness despite a work life that includes details upon details and work upon work. You’ll find this episode with Mike & McD cruising along, discussing college party life, first jobs and small hometowns…

Jen drops a bombshell shortly after the warm up - which is that she’s a cancer survivor, building this career. Then she drops another, which is that she is a TWO time survivor and embodying the term to the nth degree. Join the guys as they both get a little choked up hearing her story, perseverance and motivation.