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Jul 13, 2020

Mike, McD & Chris welcome Anna McDevitt and dive deep into communication, context and tolerance. It's taken a long time to get Mrs. McD on the show - and the wait was worth it. Chris and Anna went to Kent State university and reflect back on Facebook's validation rules. 

Social Media and its value in our world has come up often on the show... and it organically finds its way into this complex discussion about context and holding space for others. Anna, a dedicated yogi shares quite a bit about her time reconnecting with yoga practice, meditation and leading people to find themselves in themselves. 

This episode is another true AMA (ask me anything) and Chris really brings some strong questions to our hosts regarding the way we stay in touch, block people from our feeds and keep the positivity moving in times that are littered with negative media and statements. Be sure to subscribe to the show. You can find it on any podcast channel - and now YouTube.