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Aug 10, 2020

Wendi Freeman is no stranger to the big leagues. After a strong exit from planning events in startup-heavy Atlanta's tech space, Freeman was left in a place where she knew she needed to draw on her experience and self improvement to launch herself back into the market. 

When she and Be Bright Events emerged a short time later, it was with a breath of fresh air in approaching a stale market that she knew well. Mike and McD joke with her time planning sorority events and better than average dinners while learning more about the ways they might be able to plan a conventioNOT event - something Ryan has been bugging the guys about for a while. 

Freeman didn't just drive herself back into the market, she sat things down for a bit and really finds that carving her own niche leads to a career with greater self-fulfillment and happiness. This episode is gets back to the roots of the show and we're excited to share it with you.  Click on to hear more validated experts like Wendi and find out a thing or two about how they stay happy AND successful. Available on all podcast channels.