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Jul 27, 2020

Rick Jordan’s background is deep. Matter of fact, he had just returned from a visit to the Whitehouse hours before joining Mike & McD on this episode. A longtime advocate for his religion, church and freedom - Rick’s history with technology is pretty cool. He started with a well-earned spot early on with Best Buy’s Geek Squad, back when cyber security was at its infancy. Jordan found himself helping America’s homes understand tech and today he helps people realize their full potential. Today, he's offering protection across the world. And it’s working.

conventioNOT's premise is to get a nice background on individua history and this one really heats up when the guys start talking about some of the current events like Defunding Police, Voting Rights in America and his new film, Liberty Lockdown. The magic behind this maverick is his depth. The way he understands and delivers his motivational messages to his communities is clearly masterful. Join us for an exciting episode about fiery topics and personal opinions throughout.

We are thankful that Rick joined us - and proud that we created a piece of content that even he noted is different than what he typically publishes. Find out more about another person and the depth behind his spirit by finding this episode anywhere you listen to podcasts or clicking