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Nov 15, 2019

Being called a Transplant is common for the millions of folks who have relocated to Atlanta over the past decade or so. Our guest, Amy Hoover made her way south to ATL before Y2K and has been active in building employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the city for more than a decade. In this compelling episode, the guys learn about how bootstrapping two businesses through both economic downturns in the past twenty years and the type of nimble grit that she displayed to be at the forefront of coworking.

It’s hard to realize the type of accomplishments that Hoover has built in her career without being a pioneer and Amy is just that. In episode 10 of the second season, she shares about inventing a new market, not really knowing what to do and renting desks to people in her neighborhood. Neither Mike or McD knew that we would be able to get so deep into so many subjects when chatting with the cofounder of Strongbox, the largest independent co-working space in the Southeast.