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Oct 30, 2019

When most people think of an Arborist... it's not likely to include somebody like our guest zip-lining with a chainsaw while studying the biological makeup of the forest around him. Jon Perry, owner of Oahu Tree Works on the North Shore of Hawaii first found his passion for trees while living at a Buddhist Monastery in California. 

After continuing on to the University of Hawaii and honing his crafts for years, he decided to go into business for himself... but not for the reasons that most people do. He has been in search of his craft being performed the way it should be, from his view, for quite some time now and is fortunate enough to guide others on his path. 

In true conventioNOT Podcast flavor, Perry, a self described "medium" wave surfer shares a riveting story about a Great White Shark attack that he once witnessed as a young man.