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Apr 17, 2020

Working with Predators is clearly an exotic topic right now and conventioNOT Podcast joins the big streaming media players with Dave Salmoni, Large Predator Expert from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Facebook, Jimmy Kimmel and all kinds of other places you might imagine a regular dude living amongst Lions and Bears and all kinds of other scary stuff. Despite what’s displayed recently on Netflix, it turns out it takes much more than a camera and a clown with a crazy haircut to share your life with some of the world’s most dangerous creatures.   

 Dave’s aspirations while growing up in Sarnia, Ontario weren’t like most small town Canadian kids. His walls were adorned with posters of bears and big cats, not hockey stars.  Dave feigned normalcy for awhile, excelling at sports and whatnot, but eventually realized he was still being called by something else, something bigger, literally! Seizing one opportunity after another he was able to realize his dream to study the world’s biggest predators in the most intimate of ways – amongst them and in their environments.  Dave’s career has led him to all corners of the world and all sides of ecotourism and damn near every species of animal you would, or probably wouldn’t, ever want to be around.   

 Join Mike & McD in a deep dive with Salmoni about fame, ecotourism, filming and we as humans develop, nurture, and utilize ego.  Dave is an amazing storyteller. He looks like a model and has lived the life of your favorite Disney adventure hero.  In other words, he belongs where he is – on TV!  Beyond that though the perspective he shared and his level of introspection were not only heartwarming and gratifying to us as hosts, but incredibly enlightening as well.  Grab your popcorn or beverage because this is a longer one!