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Aug 5, 2020

Even with YouTube and the internet, It's really hard to believe that all humans aren't awesome at everything. One thing that nearly all of us need is help on training ourselves to be financially secure. 

There are countless books, webinars and weekend conferences on saving, preparing for life and increasing stability in our lives through the way Americans spend money. Problem is, a lot of that stuff is motivated by the presenter and lacks deployable advice and feedback on effort. 

Suzanne Johnson has carved a really valuable spot for herself in our economy: a financial coach. Just like a dietician or athletic trainer, she and her business, Grace Financial Coaching specialize in helping people achieve confidence through training their habits. It's that simple. The story on how she got there is pretty cool.

As a young executive in the shopping mall and commercial real estate industry, her life lessons with internal success and failure - and very real debt present a great story. Mike and McD are intrigued to learn from Suzanne on how careers and happiness do matter. 

We're not sure if Grace Financial Coaching is accepting new clients - but this episode is worth a listen and we're sure as hell accepting new listeners.  Click on to hear more validated experts like Suzanne and find out a thing or two about how they stay happy AND successful. Available on all podcast channels.