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Oct 21, 2019

The first thing many of us look forward to every morning is coffee. So much so - that it provides a bridge across continents and flavor palates. Our guest, Mitchell Stern is building a career in the coffee business and joins Mike and McD to share his lifelong pursuit of passion. 

Starting in the humdrum world of marketing in Toronto, Stern's creative ideas and spirit yearned for a deeper influence on a business. So one day, he just quit. Many of our listeners dream of that... and Mitchell did it.

Shortly thereafter, he met with his now business partners to talk about this new fad of cold brewed coffee and their idea was born. Just like most of the entrepreneurs who com on conventioNOT, it wasn't easy going at first. He also had his own personal struggles with anxiety and depression that added to the complexities in his world, which he more than opens up about in this episode. 

In addition to moving thousands of units in a tough Canadian Consumer Package Goods (CPG) industry, Mitchell and his company are dedicated to advancing the careers of fellow creative professionals and the craft of functional beverage. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed talking to him!