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Feb 17, 2021

Just typing out Neel Agrawal’s resume would burst the character limit on most Podcast platforms that stream conventioNOT’s episodes. Thankfully, the Lord Huron collaborator joins Mike & McD in an exhilarating biography that spans Neel’s youth, lugging a violin case in cold Michigan winters, hustling through law school, becoming a world-class musician and even playing on stage at Coachella.

Hard to believe that this social justice warrior can make time to do what he does - until you hear the details about what fuels him. Intersectionality is a newer buzz word that Agrawal explains well and embodies even more passionately. It’s not just another cheesy title invented by the conventioNOT production team.

Neel has spent his life battling the challenges of intersectionality. His calm passion and unbelievable effort to stay disciplined is really something special. 

Our listeners who love a name-drop or two might be shocked on some of the musical accolades that his network has acquired. It seems that Neel’s life isn’t so much focused on the things he’ll acquire on this earth. He explains with incredible candor on why that’s true and how he keeps his contributions to the world.

Fair warning… this episode gets very deep. Neel’s not your typical jurist doctor turned professor turned researcher turned rockstar. There really isn’t a typical bone in his body. Tune in or click on to launch your favorite show app.