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Jun 20, 2022

Dan Sinnott Sr has experienced more in a single lifetime than most families. He was a young man when he realized that the life of a Detroit Police Officer - and the negative experiences life as a cop brought wasn't for him.

Sure, lots of guys switch careers... but this guy, a man with a desire for adventure, decided to be an educator. You'll have to listen to the episode for the details, but Dan eventually moves halfway across the world, young family in tow. It's pretty obvious somewhere along the line, he also honed his talents as a storyteller. 

Mike and McD appreciate everyone who comes on the show. Dan, however, is a little more than a guest. He's Mike's dad. Interviewing your father is truly a special gift and pops presents story after story from very interesting times in America's history. Any listener that knows Mike can clearly hear where his personality and love for details was born. Listen to this instant conventioNOT classic now, available wherever you listen to podcasts.