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May 5, 2020

Almost all of us know an engineer. They’re easy to typecast, right? The pleated khakis, mismatched socks and superior mathematical and analytical skills almost always prevail. conventioNOT’s premise is to find the oddballs… those who swim against the stream, are the cream of the crop or any other stereotypical cliches we might utter. Steve Bear isn’t any of those things… except an engineer. Starting as an outcast runaway enrolled in a homogenous high-school, he recounts some of the seemingly normal things that could have changed his outcome - including a scary memory after being thrown from a motorcycle in his early 20s.

Shortly after his second accident on a motorcycle, Bear’s perspective on the way he would spend the rest of his life changed again again, focusing on the future. Many of our interview episodes end up being biographical and Future Proof lives up to the conventioNOT standard - in a slightly different way. Steve recounts a youth in which he refused to conform and used his intelligence to get by. Today when he mentions an early retirement, our listeners are likely to believe him - especially given his track record of proof.