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Mar 21, 2022

Matt Allen lovingly recalls the days when his work was as simple as cleaning up oil spills. This lifelong scientist and creative thinker has now moved on to larger pastures, so to speak. Mike was excited to reconnect with Matt and to introduce Ryan, who he knew would instantly be interested by this guest. 

Certainly the episodes of conventioNOT lean toward science, data and nature - and this one touches all of our pillars quickly. Growing up in Canada, Matt talks about setting up an executive career that he enjoys today and shares infinite wisdom about traveling the globe from his home outside Toronto. These days, he leads his organization. 

That doesn’t lessen the dedication and ethic that he brings every day. Matt carries the same diligence over to his hobbies, including a somewhat functional farm that includes pigs, goats and plenty of detail oriented tasks to keep everybody wondering…. what will this guy do next?