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Jul 29, 2020

Chris, Mike and Ryan get back around the microphone and record discuss some of the events that happen between the guys when not recording the show. Dj Scrilla just published his first book, “You can be anything, Major” and as usual, the CHarris train is rolling strong with TV interviews and autographed copies hitting the mail. Mike & McD can’t help but inquire about his creative process.

conventioNOT Groupies are in for a treat when our hosts get vulnerable by recounting offline personal conversations and the discussion turns to the differences in TV and the way that race and culture seems to have drastically changed since our hosts sat in front of set in their boyhood living rooms. Things get a little deep for a minute.

This episode marks the end of our best month in recording the show. Our listeners and feedback grows - including 5 Star Podcast ratings on several platforms. You can read our reviews... or download the episode already. You read this much. Just do it.

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