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Jun 8, 2019

Mike and McD are proud that conventioNOT Podcast made it to season #2! First up... Gabe Buckner from Fat Trunk, Prodjex and the Home Medical Equipment Hall of Fame. We may have made that last one up, but you'll be intrigued to hear Gabe's story - which started at 15, building fences. After continuing on to selling software and leading sales teams - he gets brutally honest about being a dad, building nationwide networks of friends and finding mentors. 

If you haven't subscribed to the show yet? conventioNOT is available wherever you listen: apple podcasts, spreaker, TuneInSpotify and a bunch more. Don't forget to catch up on Season 1 after you hear The story of Fat Trunk Jeans, outrageous expense reports and building a team-focused culture.